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Evaporative Misting Cooling Systems


  • Cooling


Pergola cooling

With the enermist misting systems, which you will apply to the all outdoor places including also garden, veranda, terrace, pergola and pool side, you and your guests will have the opportunity of high comfort level.


Cooling for commercial places

Managers of social life’s center; places like cafe, restaurant, and pub;
Do not be overwhelmed by the heat, by using enermist evaporative cooling systems, you can make your customers feel privileged under the summer’s broiling hot and you can present a pleased cool environment, which they can experience the high comfort… You can provide all these things by a small invest and a small running cost.


Cooling for industrial facilities and workers

The areas that experience the global warming intensely with the greenhouse gases’ effect are; industrial facilities and workers who work in these places that have to do production under high temperature conditions.Nowadays, it is not inevitable and insoluble to prevent the reduction in performance, decreased outputs and production losses due to overtemp, and to achieve confort conditions within these places, which are impossible to cool with conventional air conditioner systems.

By using misting and evaporative systems, you will be easily able to turn your plants to manufacturing ecologically and economically in order to reduce the environmental impact, protect the nature and cut cost for the benefits of users.


Cooling for greenhousing

Animal Breeding

Misting systems at animal breeding

Chicken Farms

Misting systems for egg production quality

Egg production and breeding ratio decreases as nourishment decreases for poultries, that exposed to overtemp. Besides these, the quality of produced egg decreases. Depending on this imposed heat’s degree and period, mortality rates are also increases.
In the poultry / chicken farm environment, as you provide the comfort requirements, all of these negative results would be recovered and directed to the opposite as the quality, and production will increase, and the mortality rates will decrease considerably.


Portable misting systems for general use



Air-conditioner and precooling
  • Humidification


Humidification at textile factories


Humidification in wine rooms for improving moisture ratio

Low moisture ratio in wine rooms causes to rapid evaporation of the wine and leading to reduction in wine quality. This is not the only problem, which we may encounter since this will also resulting to the lost of the valued wine products which caused to high financial loss. If we try to state this loss of value as not providing the right moisture ratio in wine cellars, we can say it is about 15 % product loss.

Wood / Lumber

Humidification for wood and lumber


Humidification for paper production


Humidification on tobacco production

Market Shelf (fruit, vegetable, fish, meat and cheese)

Market shelf misting
  • Dust Supression

  • Odour Supression

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